SlaughterHouse Rootz came to be in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, when good friends got together to play some reggae songs.  In those early days it was all about making and having a good time.


In 2007 when the band's core group of musicians formed, the Denver reggae scene was just starting to bubble up.  This allowed Wyatt, Kyle and Dana to rock stages that never had reggae music before. Converts were many and the band flourished in small rock clubs and local bars throughout the midwest  It seems that SHR’s mile-high blend of reggae, punk, and country, bring a party vibe to any venue.  This has become the band’s calling card: A party.


Growing up in Colorado’s THC friendly Front Range has blessed the these guys with opportunities to help spearhead the cannabis party culture.  SHR have been on the forefront of cannabis legalization and supporting the lifestyle, this band has always embraced the magic that is the herb.  With reggae beats ringing in their ears the guys create a  fun upbeat mix that reminds some of Sublime. With a live effects master often onstage, the band plays with their own ideas of reggae-rock by mixing slow dubbed out bass lines with punk and blues guitar, while moving from quick punk and ska beats, to one-drop slow jams.


Known for their “party” live shows, SHR has become an underground dub-rock favorite. The band has been on hiatus due to, jail, rehab, college and drugs.  During this time the band has played few live shows; however, the band did release a 6-song EP, Let’s Just Be Friends.

The band continues to write and record music and are currently planning on bringing the good times and the party to you again soon.


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